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With us you may learn the japanese martial art Aikido. Rolling and falling as well as technical exercises are components of the courses. Furthermore the elements meditation, movement, equilibrity, coordination and selfdefense are conveyed in exercises. Who likes to experience eastern philosophy practically in a plain way will feel all right here.


Newcomers are always welcome and may permanently start with an Aikido education. You may also have trial lessons for free. A traditional training dress (Gi) is not necessary at the beginning of an Aikido career, something comfortable like a jogging dress is sufficient.


courses:    monday 7:00 to  8:30 h p.m. Aikido

                              8:30 to 10:00 h p.m. AikiTaiso Kihon


location:    New Gymnasium in 73087 Bad Boll (address: "Schulweg / Erlengarten")

                 location map (via Aikidoinfo-Maps)

                 => 5 km from motorway A8 (Munich-Stuttgart), exit Weilheim an der Teck, following direction Göppingen 

                 => 9 km distance from Göppingen city, following direction motorway A8/Weilheim an der Teck


During the summer and winter holidays we have a training rest. In these periods we may join courses of aikido friends nearby.


On thursdays there is an additional opportunity to participate in special courses on Aikido with staff and sword. Particularly more advanced Aikidoka benefit of this central training facilities.


Regular seminars of the Aikido 3A cooperative are promoting the progress of learning Aikido, broadening the individual's mind and manifolding contacts. Aikido is movement.


Aikido courses are regularly starting in January and September/October. The courses are part of a cooperation program of local clubs and especially suited for beginners. More you may find on the website of TSV Bad Boll dedicated to Cooperation program. If you are interested, please contact us and enroll in advance. Welcome in Aikido !


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